"Crust"Changes are still the most important factors along the road of the most important extreme band ever born in Italy. The drummer Oinos isn't part of the co. anymore, some say for a spitritual crisis. Now he is substituted by another excellent drummer (Alessio), that with Tommy, Andy (already with the band in "Above the Light") and the tremendous Trevor (TT) are surely the best line-up that Sadist has ever had.  Not even this time the Genovese band records two consecutive albums on the the same label, infact not long ago (as Tommy himself claims in the following interview) the band has left Holland record company Displaced  and is searching for a new contract for the supreme consacration.

-(Evil S.)-      Tommy if I'm not mistaken once again we meet and the band has a new line-up ?
Tommy Talamanca (guitar and keyboards)-(Tommy)- The actual  line-up  is almost a year old  and to tell you the truth I really hope it last's as long as possible. Lately we're not the only band with line-up problems. Anyway I think that this status, under a friendly releationship point of view, is surely the most solid that Sadist has ever had.

-(Evil S.)-      What about your Teutonic experience in the Wacken open-festival ? How have the fans greeted you ?
-(Tommy )- The response was enthusiastic, our act was stuck in the middle of so many Power and Black bands and we were the only "strange" group, with Voivod, that played the the show.

-(Evil S.)-     How is the response to your albums generally outside Italy ?
-(Tommy)- We've dedicated most of our activities especially outside our country in these last two years because we've realized that in Italy we probably couldn't have ever achieved the response that we deserved. Then, our english lyrics and our such "strange" image of music makers do not corrispond to the average acts in our contry so our life hasn't been that easy. We know that in Germany and in Holland, just to name a few important stages  for "extreme" rock bands our music is much more easilly accepted.

-(Evil S.)-    If I say Trevor, soccer and going to court what do you answer me ? Tell me something more about what really happened.
-(Tommy)-Well it is no secret that our singer is a complete animal. More The band than once he has threatened to sodomize me on stage and evrey concert   is becoming a sort of nightmare for me. Maybe the best sport for him could be boxing or rugby. When he plays soccer he can't end a game without beating someone up. I hope that we won't have to tape our next album in prison !

-(Evil S.)-    Aren't you afraid that in your knew album you might have gone a bit too far with your lyrics and that a common listener might accuse you of misogyny ?
-(Tommy)-We know that usually people listen to our music in a superficial way. We cant fight a battle on this since music, in many ways, is also just a sort of entertainment. Those listeners that really want to go beyond, can find in our music and lyrics many things to discuss about and not shit like satanism, broken hearts, castles and swards. We sing about real things, of course in a provocative way, but on the other hand all our music is a sort os a provocative externation.

-(Evil S.)-     What made you departure from such technical compositions and great melodies that have characterized your first two albums before reaching your new brutal-noise sound in "Crust" ?
The band-(Tommy)- I think that the rythmic arrangements in "Crust"   are technically alot more researched than in "Tribe". I don't think that   "Tribe" is even farly as good under this aspect as our new album. But if your referring to my guitar playing, then your right. "Tribe" was much more a guitar researched album. There's one simple reason for this: at last Sadist from this third album have a real frontman and I'm not afraid to say that he's one of the best in the extreme rock scene, not only in Italy. Now we can write real Songs and not only collages of bits and pieces, boring solo's and shit, but at last Songs.

-(Evil S.)-    I read somewhere that Trevor considers your musical past ehm...qualitativly irrelivant. Is that true ?
-(Tommy)- Under his point of view I think he's right. I personally love all the band's material  especially in "Tribe",   because I've been the throughout composer of it. But, if in many cases of the past Sadist was considered as a cult band for an Úlite, this means that alot of people didn't like our music. With "Crust"  in Germany we've finally reached the responses that we deserved and this hadn't happened before with our old albums.

-(Evil S.)-     How are you coming along with your solo project ?
-(Tommy)- We're pre-producing the tracks at Nadir and unfortunatly, having to keep up the work with Sadist as well, everything is slowing down quite a bit.

-(Evil S.)-      How the hell did you end up playing a show-case at Help (italian music program), in front of an embarraced Red Ronnie?
-(Tommy)- Well  it has been an interesting aspect of our job anyway"Tribe". I do admit that good old Red Ronnie was pretty perplessed in front of our act. I don't think he understood much of what we were playing but in many ways, we like making people feel uncumfortable.

-(Evil S.)-   Were you satisfied with the job that Displaced had done with the album ? How come you don't appear on their compilation album ?
-(Tommy)- We just broke the contract we had with them for another album and even if in the meantime we hadn't any other better offer we wouldn't have went on working with them not even if they were the only record company left on the scene. I think that this answer is explicit enough. We've allways been pretty unlucky with record companies.

-(Evil S)-      What do you think about the come-back of the great  Necrodeath, band of your ex companion Peso?
-(Tommy)- It's as if you had asked me about what I think about Alba Parietti's book or about Valeria Marini as an actress !?

"Above the light"-(Evil S)-  Future ?
-(Tommy)- Since we've been back from the tour in Portugal we've decided to limit our live acts so we can concentrate on the new material. We're a little nervous about the new album. I'm pearsonally very buisy with Nadir Studio because in this period we're changing the studio's basis and this brings away alot of my precious time. 

-(Evil)-  You can have these last few lines to say whatever you have on your mind, so shoot !.
-(Tommy)- What I have on my mind now would probably shock even a pronostar, so I'd rather keep it for myself...A great big kiss to all the girls out there .

Luca Palmieri

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